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Letters Before Action

Letters Before Action

Justice For Us All

“If you want to know the true opinion of someone, watch the effect produced by the first sight of a letter from you.”

Because we believe that complaining can only resolve the situation for the complainant, and for the business or authority who take heed of the complaint, making sure they don’t make the same mistakes in future; we have drawn up a set of letters for you to use.

We hope these letters will take the hassle out of ‘what do I write?’ And therefore, get your complaint going.

Affidavit of Means
Data Protection Act Request
Debt Harassment
Energy Company Harassment
PPI Claim – Data Protection Act Request
Initiate a PPI Claim
PPI Claim – Lender Rejected
Statute Barred
Stay of Execution – Accompanying Letter

Please acknowledge however, these letters are merely for assistance. It is up to you whether you choose to use them, and we cannot be held liable in law, financially or otherwise, if your Case/Claim does not work out; or if these letters cause undue issues for you, or to the matters involved in you Case/Claim after sending them.