Home Disaster Guide – Flooding, Terrorism, Sinkholes and Other Disasters

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Home Disaster Guide: Flooding, Terrorism, Sinkholes
and Other Disasters

Every year the UK suffers from a multitude of natural disasters, from the worst flooding Cumbria ever had to deal with in December 2015, to the rise in sinkholes headlining national news.

The terrorist attacks in Paris of 2015, have also put Britain on high alert of terrorism; yet how do we deal with such events ourselves, and are there ‘Disaster Management Plans’ we can formulate which will help us and our families stay safe?

This book provides vital information on the emergency essentials we will need in certain situations: survival kits and survival bags for disaster management; evacuation plans for a safe and calm escape; or if a terrorist attack or riot occurs – how to get home to safety.

It provides an insight into certain scenarios which may happen, and how to handle them calmly and effectively. Become ‘Disaster Prepared’ for a variety of disasters and unfortunate events.