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Claiming Back PPI

PPI Claims

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“There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?”

Claiming Back PPI

If you are are thinking of claiming back PPI for a policy which you believe, should not have been added to your Credit Agreement, you will need to act fast. UK Banks requested the Financial Services Authority (now the PRA and FCA), to set a deadline for further mis-sold PPI Claims – this deadline is Spring 2018.

Can I make a PPI Claim on my own?

The reason people who wish to claim back PPI don’t make a Claim themselves, is because they believe the process is extremely daunting, and they do not have the appropriate legal knowledge to do so – his should not be the case. With a few simple instructions and information on how to initiate a Claim, and carry it through – it’s actually a very simple procedure.

People also believe they need to go directly through PPI Claim Companies, which is not true. These Companies firstly start of by stating in their Contracts, they will take percentages of between 12 – 15% however, the more work they do for you (such as write more letters, or take the matter through the Financial Ombudsman Service), they will normally increase their fees from between 29 – 40%.

The actual fact is; you can re-claim PPI yourself, for nothing more than a few first class stamps and time taken to write a few letters to your Lender.

Our DIY PPI GUIDE via Amazon, answers all your questions relating to PPI Claims, including letters to write, and what to do if your Lender rejects your Claim.

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